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We offer a comprehensive property management solution. From efficient operations and accounting, winning marketing strategies, round-the-clock maintenance support, and transparent lease negotiation are just some of the ways we manage everything your residential property needs.

Dedicated Property Manager

Experienced maintenance staff

All-inclusive accounting system

Year round utility management

Owning an investment or rental property can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be!

Leasing and managing a rental property can easily become overwhelming and stressful without the right help. DeSelms Property Management guarantees that you’re getting expert service at all times. We provide top notch marketing, faster leasing, quick repairs, and secure online payments to owners.

  • Perform ALL inspections
  • Manage liabilities
  • Hire/train/manage all property and maintenance staff
  • 24/7 maintenance
  • Monthly/Annual financial reports
  • Marketing to fill vacancies and leases
  • Maintenance
  • Oversee remodels and building repositioning


Maximize your profits by letting us optimize your online presence. We get the word out there about your property from on-site signage, community outreach, and listings on the best leasing websites. In addition, DeSelms will help develop competitive pricing strategies to help create higher occupancy rates.

Tenant Screening

Our goal is to find your property the most reliable tenants. Therefore, our screening process is extensive to help keep eviction rates minimal to none. For tenant prospects, we will verify income, run credit reports, verify social security numbers, review pet information (if needed), discuss renters insurance, check references, and contact previous property owners they have rented from prior. This process ensures we are finding the right tenants for your property.

Property Management

DeSelms provides a multitude of property management services to provide top-notch service to your property. Our goal is to provide you and your tenants with great satisfaction from our services to reduce eviction rates and liability claims. In addition, our efforts are structured to give you, as an owner, the highest return on your investment.


24/7/365 maintenance support.

We have spent much research and time developing our network of experts, from licensed technicians to contractors. As a result, our network is experienced in appropriately managing all maintenance requests with the best solutions. With 24/7/365 service, you can count on DeSelms for all your property’s maintenance needs; providing this service allows us to nurture the relationship with all of your tenants to keep them happy in their residence.


DeSelms will provide you with monthly reports, cash flow statements, and tax preparation reports. Our accounting team is here to make sure you property is kept in order, always.

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