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We offer a comprehensive property management solution. From efficient operations and accounting, winning marketing strategies, round-the-clock maintenance support, and transparent lease negotiation are just some of the ways we manage everything your commercial property needs.

On-site Property Management for each property

Experienced in-house maintenance staff

All-inclusive accounting system

Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS)

Owning an investment or rental property can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be!

Leasing and managing a rental property can easily become overwhelming and stressful without the right help. DeSelms Property Management guarantees that you’re getting expert service at all times. We provide top notch marketing, faster leasing, quick repairs, and secure online payments to owners.


  • Perform ALL inspections
  • Manage liabilities
  • Hire/train/manage all property and maintenance staff
  • 24/7 maintenance
  • Monthly/Annual financial reports
  • Marketing to fill vacancies and leases
  • Ratio Utility Billing Systems (RUBS)
  • Maintenance
  • Oversee remodels and building repositioning

Property Management

We understand that every business owner has their own specific needs for a commercial space or building. We take all those needs into consideration when finding the right renters for the space. To help potential tenants find your commercial properties, we use proven marketing strategies to ensure your state-of-the-art offices and facilities are given optimal exposure on the top online leasing sites. We also maintain your online listing and news updates, enabling you to focus on your business instead of on the small print. With DeSelms Property Management’s extensive experience in the industry, we know how important it is to attract new users with information that is relevant and useful. That’s why we provide detailed descriptions of all the features and benefits of your industrial units for users to see.

Tenant Screening

Less turnover = more ROI

At DeSelms Property Management, we believe that having good tenants is the most important aspect of a commercial space, other than making a profit. We ensure these quality tenants for you by thoroughly reviewing your prospects credit histories and backgrounds, being transparent with rent negotiations, and communicating clearly the obligations and rules to help tenants and you feel comfortable and secure with a new agreement. By keeping turnover low, this will ensure a more reliable source of income for your property, increasing your ROI (return on investment).


DeSelms Property Management has over 15+ years of experience in managing all types of commercial spaces. DeSelms will handle everything from filling vacancies, maintenance (routine and emergency), collection of rent, communication with tenants, liability management (worker’s comp. and local, state, and federal regulations), and we make sure the property meets ALL inspection standards. If you need help managing your property/properties or you are unsatisfied with your current property management company DeSelms is here to help!


You can count on DeSelms!

We have spent years developing a network of resources we trust to ensure the best possible work – that is done safely and correctly. We are networked with some of the best in the business whether it is for basic maintenance/repairs, routine inspections, or renovations. Our team can handle any of your property’s maintenance needs.


DeSelms will provide you with monthly reports, cash flow statements, and tax preparation reports. Our accounting team is here to make sure you property is kept in order, always.

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