Rental Property Renovations and Updates to Help Increase Your ROI

Rental properties are an excellent investment to add to your portfolio, but to help increase your return on investment, you may need to do a little updating. Here are a few ways to help maximize your ROI on your rental property/properties.

ROI Increasing Updates and Renovations

Bright white counters and cabinets in a luxury kitchen


The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it is where tenants will spend most of their time. A kitchen brings family and friends together. To help increase your ROI, a kitchen should look nice and have functionality.

Updated, energy-efficient appliances will catch the eye of a potential tenant(s). Older appliances can lead to issues in the future, and they draw more energy causing utilities to be higher for the potential tenant(s). You can also update cabinetry and countertops to get the maximum ROI for your property. A fresh coat of light-colored paint can give a kitchen a whole new feel. Granite countertop variants are highly sought after, but butcher block is a great, less expensive, and desirable alternative.



You can transform a bathroom into a relaxation sanctuary with a few cosmetic updates. Here are a few ideas that can make a BIG difference in a bathroom:

You will be able to do most of these upgrades yourself or with a bit of help; of course, it all depends on the condition of the bathroom(s) you are considering updating.

Installing vinyl laminated flooring


We understand that hardwood flooring can be expensive upfront, but they are durable and highly desirable. Replacing stained carpets after each tenant can get old, and the costs will add up over the years. Consistent hardwood floors throughout a home are easier to clean and keep down allergens, and they will stand the test of time. Durable laminates or vinyl are also a great option to achieve the hardwood look.

Lighting above a kitchen island


Brighten up your spaces! Lighting can make a world of difference, and good lighting is known to boost moods and productivity. In addition, proper lighting can make a room feel larger and more inviting. 

choosing wall paints


Give your property’s interior a boost. Fresh paint in a neutral color creates a clean look, making it easier for potential tenants to match their belongings with the space. For longevity purposes, we suggest a paint that can handle scuffs and easily be cleaned – especially in high-traffic areas like the kitchen, bathrooms, and hallways. 

stacked log home with a large tree in front and beautiful landscaping


Aesthetically appealing curb appeal is sure to draw attention to your property. Remove dead or dying plants and replace them with a low-maintenance plant that will last year-round. Remember, the outside of your property will be what initially draws someone through the door. Curb appeal and landscaping do not stop at just grass and plants; here are a few other things to consider: 

A green energy efficient home

Energy Efficient 

The more energy-efficient your rental property is, the more your tenants can save on the utilities. Monthly savings can be a HUGE bonus to potential tenants. In addition, these changes can be done quickly and at a low cost, helping you and your tenants. 

Check out these suggestions below: